Holiday Hunger Provision

Our main mission is to provide food and fun for families on low incomes during the school holidays. All of our sessions are free, run from 11am to 1pm in different locations across Brighton and Hove and include a nutritious lunch, play and craft.

After School Clubs

Our after school clubs are a home from home for our regular families. We play and craft before eating a delicious home cooked meal all together. This sharing of food is important to us, creating a family environment for all cultures and traditions. We set up, eat and clear away together, building a community where consideration, equality and care lead the way.

Guest Testimonial“Helps us have a fun activity with other people regularly. Good timing, food delicious, and don’t have to search to entertain kids.”

Rock Farm – Adult cooking days

Making long term changes stems from having the opportunities to bring something new into your life, meet someone new, or learn a new skill. Here at Chomp we believe in providing those opportunities for children and adults alike, so we are committed to offering Therapeutic cooking classes to parents. We hold these classes out at our beautiful Rock Farm Location, near Steyning, Sussex and provide transport there and back. During these classes you will have the chance to walk around the farm and see seasonal produce, cook a dish outside and eat around the fire. These are brilliant days out and we run them regularly throughout the Spring/Summer/Autumn months.

Days Out

Getting out and about to fun and educational places is a difficult thing when you’re a family on a low income. So we do our best to source tickets to events that will be enjoyable and inspiring for our families. We are always on the look out for these opportunities so if you are an events organiser and think you may have something to offer, please do get in touch.

Guest Testimonial -“Very impressed with Chomp, lovely people, great activities, everyone deserves a massive thank you for making a real difference to kids and parents.”

Partner Chomp’s

So that we can reach as many families as possible across Brighton and Hove, Chomp funds partnership chomp groups so that they can provide clubs with meals and craft in their area.