Reece’s Story

Chomp works with local community organisations to give children the opportunity to participate in activities they may not otherwise have access to. From here, they can find hobbies and interests that go beyond attending our Chomp sessions. 

One of our success stories of this initiative is Reece, who after meeting Sadie from Albion in The Community at our Chomp sessions over summer 2021, has gone on to regularly attend their clubs. 

We asked Reece’s mum to tell us a bit about what this has meant for Reece:

‘Reece was so pleased when he met Sadie. He really liked her and every week that she was at Chomp Reece would play football with her.’

Reece now attends Albion in The Community’s football programme which takes place at Manor Hall Road in Whitehawk. 

‘Reece loves going to it. He has made a few friends since going, and I’ve also met a couple of the mums.’

‘Reece likes football a lot and enjoys the club. He has autism, so usually finds football clubs too busy. However, he seems a lot more relaxed at the session and not so anxious as the group is a good size for him. It is good for Reece as it has helped him socialise with children of his own age.’

What words would Reece use to describe how he feels about joining the club? ‘It is amazing!’