Chomp exists thanks to your generous donations. We keep our costs as low as possible whilst still being able to provide a hearty nutritional meal. With the exception of a part-time coordinator that oversees all clubs and the development of Chomp, we entirely rely on volunteers to run our Chomp sessions. We have a fantastic bunch of about 50 volunteers that create a friendly, fun environment for all our Chomp families.

Even with this fantastic support we are still looking to develop these amazing clubs. Your donations can help us provide new games and activities, allow us to have better and more exciting crafts, ensure that we always have enough tasty healthy food, and even help us create new clubs so that we can reach all those that benefit from our work.

If you’d like to make a donation direct to the Chomp project you can do so here.

Or if you’d like to know where your money’s going, you can buy something from our Amazon wishlist here.